Ten projects that show Toronto condo development is still going strong

One Bloor West - photo credit Mizrahi

When plans for an 80-storey Toronto condo development at the southwest corner of Bloor and Yonge were unveiled earlier this year, Torontonians reacted with a predictable range of emotions, including deep worry and angst. Online commenters fretted not only about the physical appearance of the proposal – dramatically named ‘The One’ – but also the congestion it might bring to the neighbourhood, the shadow it would cast, the effect it might have on the bird population, and, of course, the shadowy, ubiquitous threat of “Manhattanization.”

While some reservations are understandable when confronted with a proposal of this stature, Globe and Mail columnist Marcus Gee wrote on March 18 that “Toronto has finally found the confidence to act like a big city,” perhaps suggesting that The One ought to be celebrated, if only for its ambition.

In that spirit, let’s have a look at nine more confident projects:

One Bloor East - Great Gulf Homes

One Bloor East

Directly across Yonge Street from the possible future location of The One sits One Bloor East, a 257-metre, 76-storey mixed use space which is nearing completion. Urban Toronto recently shared some images from the unfinished penthouse suites of the building, and the views are spectacular.




Before ‘The One,’ the Mirvish+Gehry was arguably the most controversial proposal in Toronto. The massive, two-building Toronto condo development (the taller of the two towers will reach over 300 metres) is likely to be located in the heart of downtown, at 260 King St West. The preservation of the Princess of Wales theatre is an important aspect of the proposal, as earlier plans included its demolition.

1 7 yonge photo via urban toronto

1-7 Yonge Street

At the foot of Yonge St, in a space currently dominated by the Toronto Star building and several parking lots, Pinnacle International is hoping to erect an impressive selection of six new buildings. The proposal would redefine two underused city blocks, and the tallest new building would be the third on this list to reach 300 metres.

10 york tridelTen York Street

Ten York is particularly interesting for its shape: the 67-storey, wedge-shaped building is located immediately south of the notorious Gardiner Expressway, and directly north of the Yonge-Bay-York off-ramp. While living between two separate portions of the Gardiner may not appeal to all, the building is indicative of the densification Toronto’s southern downtown core is experiencing.

themasseytower dot comMassey Tower

Expected to be completed next year, the 207-metre Massey Tower incorporates two historic bank buildings in its design. The Bank of Commerce on Yonge St just north of Queen will be restored and will serve as the new condo’s lobby.

385 yonge

385 Yonge St

The development proposed for 385 Yonge St may be the most shocking design proposal on this list. It includes two towers at 62 and 73 storeys, respectively, which will be joined by a large platform roughly two-thirds of the way up the shorter of the two. Situated just north of Yonge and Dundas Square, this Toronto condo development could be a true architectural landmark.

soleilEau du Soleil

Eau du Soleil is the furthest Toronto condo development from downtown on this list, located on Lake Shore Blvd West, on the Humber Bay Shores. The striking, two-tower design of the building will stand out among smaller, more conservative developments in the area.

88 Scott Concert properties

88 Scott Street

Currently under construction, 88 Scott St will top out at approximately 200 metres, and will feature a range of amenities to go along with an outstanding central location. The podium levels will include retail, restaurants, and commercial office spaces below 525 residential units.

33 Gerrard - Great Eagle Holdings33 Gerrard West

The 33 Gerrard West Redevelopment is the newest proposal on this list. Currently occupied by the Eaton Chelsea Hotel, the location could soon feature four new towers at heights of 80, 74, 50, and 46 storeys. For the moment, details on the proposal are scant, but early renderings suggest an international style-influenced design which would stand out beside glassy neighbours Aura and 385 Yonge.

Each imaginative Toronto condo development on this list will contribute to the growth and maturation of Ontario’s capital. Visit Renting Toronto today for listings of available condos for rent in Toronto. We’ve been in the business of connecting qualified tenants and reliable landlords since 1999.

How to decorate a bachelor apartment

When you rent a place to live, many people are looking to make their space home. The best way to do this is by decorating, but when you’re working with a small space, you may face difficulties about how to best use your space.

The first step before looking at any furniture is to measure your space. The worst thing you can do is buy furniture and when it’s brought over, discover that it doesn’t look as good as you thought since it doesn’t fit in the appropriate space or in some cases, it might not even fit through the door.

With a bachelor apartment, your biggest challenge is keeping your place from getting cluttered. Search for modern-looking, minimalist furniture that has dual functionality. For example, buy a sofa-bed for the living room area, buy chairs that can also store items underneath or buy a table that can double as a desk and a dining table. When furniture shopping, always inquire whether it will be assembled or not and whether you need to pick up the item or if they offer delivery.

Another good way to decorate is to simply paint your room. Before proceeding, get your landlord’s permission. Painting the walls a lighter colour will make the space look bigger and you can choose a colour that matches your overall decorating theme.

Other tactics that can make your space bigger include placing a large mirror, which gives the illusion that your space has doubled in size, or hang any artwork higher up since it makes the space look taller. (Again, get permission from your landlord before putting holes into the wall since they may consider this as damage to the property.)

Since the space doesn’t have walls, there are many ways you can add some privacy to your space or separate one living area from the other. Bookshelves are great since they offer organizational space, a spot for knickknacks and a wall separation from one room to another. Also, a screen panel or curtain can create a cozy sleeping and private sleeping area. Your TV can also act as a divider between your sleeping area and your entertainment zone.

Meanwhile, if you’ve chosen to rent a furnished apartment, decorating is much easier. All you need to do is display a few photos or buy pillows or a throw that matches the apartment’s theme. Intricate sculptures serve as great conversation starters, but having too many on display leads to a cluttered space.

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