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Professional & Reliable

"I own a condominium in the Toronto area and have been using the services provided by Chris since the summer of 2007, services that I discovered myself through the website "Renting". During this time, Chris has located tenants for my property on three separate occasions. In the almost seven years that I have known Chris, I have found him to be professional, reliable and perhaps most importantly, successful at matching owners with tenants in a way that benefits both parties (not to mention patient, at a time which can prove stressful for me). When my current tenant decides to move on, I intend to use these services again in order to locate my next tenant."
Rodney H North York Condo Owner

Peace of mind

"We have two condos in Toronto and Chris has been taking care of those for the past 7 years or so. Chris is superb in providing rental property management. He works with the owners to find the most suitable tenant. He responds promptly to e-mails and phone calls from the owner and the tenant. He takes care of any isssues that arise with regard to maintenance of the condos. He will always seek the owners approval for any repairs and finds the cheapest and best option. The rental cheques always arrive on time every month. We feel that the management fees we pay him is fully worth the money as he provides a complete piece of mind and management for out of town owners."
Lakshmi Y Owner of 2 Condos

Thorough research

"With my work, my family and I are stationed in Sudbury, Ontario which is about 4 hours north of Toronto. For the last 3 years I have been dealing with Mr. McMartin and in a very short period of time Renting Toronto rented my condominium that I purchased. I was pleasantly surprised with results and service. The unit rented for a great price and I have not had any problems with tenant. He did his thorough research regarding financial fitness of the candidates and I received all documentation in order to make a decision. I am very pleased with results. He is veryt qualified for this line of work. "
Jagos I Condo Owner

Quality tenants

"I would like to thank you for the many quality tenants that you have provided me over the last few years. You have always been professional and courteous in your dealings with me and my family. The last tenant you placed in my rental property has become like a daughter to me and I can't thank you enough for your services. Best of luck into the future."
Les M House Owner

Attention to Detail

"I must say I am very pleased with the property management services you have provided me with this past year. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work."
Susan P Townhouse Owner

Very pleased

"I have been using Renting Toronto for the past four years on quite a few properties that I own and I am very pleased with the tenants they have placed in my properties. I have had no problems at all and I always receive my monthly statement and payment on time. Keep up the great work."
Suzanne G Multiple Properties

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